Shropshire Autism Service
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Lisa Williams

Dr Lisa Williams

Lisa is a Clinical Psychologist. She has over 12 years NHS experience, and has specialised in the area of child development and mental health for seven of these. She has experience of working in three different ASD teams and has led on diagnoses for children age three to 18 years, both with and without a learning disability.

Having worked for a local NHS Trust, she has extensive knowledge of services in Shropshire and is an established member of professional network groups in the area that have an interest in ASD.

Lisa set up Shropshire Autism Service in 2019 in response to parents’ feedback and her reflections about existing services; families were not able to access reliable ASD assessments in a timely manner, nor were they able to access specialist interventions.

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Carolyn Parry

Carolyn and Lisa have worked together for several years. They share the same values when it comes to working with children with ASD and together form an effective team. Carolyn is a Specialist Nurse Practitioner and she has worked with hundreds of children with ASD or other developmental issues. She is highly regarded by professionals with expertise in ASD because of the skills and knowledge she has developed through this.

Carolyn Parry

Are you worried about your child's behaviour or mental health?

We provide help and support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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Assessments that are high quality and reliable, and interventions that support children to achieve their potential

Initial consultation

A one-off appointment that will tell you if your child would benefit from a diagnostic assessment

Diagnostic assessment

A complete assessment that will tell you if your child has ASD or not


Social skills training and cognitive-behavioural therapy for children with ASD

Why us?

  • We understand ASD and the various ways it can present
  • Our assessments are reliable so you can be confident in the outcome
  • The interventions we offer have been shown to work
  • The practice of our clinicians is regulated, which means there are clear professional standards we must follow when working with families