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Diagnostic assessment

Has a diagnostic assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) been recommended for your child and you do not want to wait several months to see a specialist? Are you feeling dissatisfied with the outcome of a previous assessment – perhaps the clinical team was not able to make a decision about ASD – and would like a further opinion?

Shropshire Autism Service can complete a diagnostic assessment with your child. The outcome of this will either be a diagnosis of ASD or confirmation that your child does not have ASD. The diagnostic assessment that we offer is thorough and based on several years' experience, plus knowledge of relevant guidance and research.

We understand what works and what does not work in terms of completing reliable diagnostic assessments. There are no short-cuts and less robust assessments are more likely to result in diagnoses being missed or children being incorrectly diagnosed.


Our diagnostic assessment consists of:

  • Structured observation of your child in clinic

  • Developmental history (parent interview)

  • Observation of your child in school and discussion with teaching staff

  • Review of available reports

  • Diagnostic discussion by assessing team

  • Feedback meeting with you and your child

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We use the best available tools to do our assessment and children will always be seen by more than one clinician.

Prices for a diagnostic assessment start from £2,095. This includes a report and advice, and a dedicated point of contact or keyworker during the assessment process.

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Are you worried about your child's behaviour or mental health?

We provide help and support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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Why us?

  • We understand ASD and the various ways it can present
  • Our assessments are reliable so you can be confident in the outcome
  • The interventions we offer have been shown to work
  • The practice of our clinicians is regulated, which means there are clear professional standards we must follow when working with families