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Initial consultation

Has a GP, teacher or family member said to you that they think your child might have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Are you feeling worried and been told that you have to wait several months to see a specialist? Is help and support ‘on hold’ whilst you wait?

It is not uncommon for professionals or family members to raise concerns about children having ASD, but for many children these concerns are unfounded. We can meet with you and your child for around one and a half hours and give you a specialist opinion about whether or not a diagnostic assessment for ASD would be useful.

If we think a diagnostic assessment would be useful, it is available free of charge through the NHS. There is likely to be a wait for this but hopefully you will be feeling more confident at this point that your child is waiting for the right help. Alternatively, Shropshire Autism Service can complete this assessment.

If we do not think a diagnostic assessment is needed, we will explain the reasons for this and make recommendations about what would be helpful for your child. This means that you can then move forward in terms of accessing more appropriate support for your child.

Prices for an initial consultation start from £395. This includes a report and advice.

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Child with father and child alone

Are you worried about your child's behaviour or mental health?

We provide help and support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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Why us?

  • We understand ASD and the various ways it can present
  • Our assessments are reliable so you can be confident in the outcome
  • The interventions we offer have been shown to work
  • The practice of our clinicians is regulated, which means there are clear professional standards we must follow when working with families