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Social skills training

Do you know a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who is not functioning well day-to-day? They might be sad and withdrawn, or they might be highly anxious. They may be refusing to go to school, their grades may be affected, and their behaviour may be challenging because of their distress.

We know that children with poor social skills are more likely to experience problems in each of these areas, and that these problems often continue into adulthood. We also know that social skills can be taught and learnt, and that children who get this help and support are generally happier.

The best or most effective way to teach social skills is in a group setting, within an environment where the child is most likely to practice the skills. For this reason, Shropshire Autism Service offers a group intervention package to schools. We will support schools to identify suitable pupils, co-facilitate weekly group sessions, and give guidance on using the approach between sessions.

We will also provide a report at the end of the group to evidence the progress made.

Social skills training

Cognitive-behavioural therapy

Cognitive-behavioural therapy

Has your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) been diagnosed with anxiety? Is their diagnosis of ASD 'getting in the way' of them being able to access psychological therapy for their anxiety – perhaps you have been told that there is no help or support available, or you may have been told that they will not be able to benefit from it?

Children with ASD are much more likely to experience anxiety than children without ASD. This is because life is harder for them than it is for the average child. The anxiety can in turn make their social difficulties worse. Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is the main approach for treating anxiety in children, and there is growing evidence that, with modifications, it can help children with ASD too.

CBT aims to teach children new skills to help them manage their emotions. At Shropshire Autism Service we modify the style of teaching so that it is accessible to children with ASD. We also spend extra time talking about emotions and include work on social skills. CBT is provided on a 1:1 basis to children, with a high-level of parent involvement.

The number of sessions needed for the above interventions will vary across individuals and groups. Our fee per session (one hour) is £120. We do not charge extra for seeing groups of children and our fee includes work we complete outside of session that is relevant to the intervention. We will agree a plan with you following an initial meeting.

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Why us?

  • We understand ASD and the various ways it can present
  • Our assessments are reliable so you can be confident in the outcome
  • The interventions we offer have been shown to work
  • The practice of our clinicians is regulated, which means there are clear professional standards we must follow when working with families

Are you worried about your child's behaviour or mental health?

We provide help and support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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